How are Businesses Using Smart Packaging? With More Information

All about it can be found in our blog: The Need for Smart and Sustainable packaging. In short, intelligent packaging solutions are connected, interactive, and context-aware. The information on a consumer’s device usually matches the product they have in hand. Innovative packaging solutions improve product quality Serialised QR codes, provide safety, prevent counterfeiting, extend product shelf life, and, most importantly, allow consumers to own the product by giving them helpful information.

Yeo Valley uses innovative packaging to tell its story and collect consumer data. This British brand uses QR or “MOO R” codes to identify more than 100,000,000 products. The code will direct consumers to product information, brand content, future promotions, and other promotional opportunities. The dynamic digital experiences will adapt based on the product, the customer’s location, and the time of the day.

Bombay Sapphire made an augmented experience using Shazam with intelligent packaging. A cartoon representing Bombay Sapphire’s spirit and essence was revealed when the label was scanned. You can also click here for exclusive video content featuring unique cocktail recipes. Stacy’s created a QR Code and geotargeted Women’s Business Directory to honor women-owned businesses. This intelligent packaging solution was more than just a benefit to their internal brand!

Appetite Creative assisted Tetra Pak in creating a clever packaging solution. It’s a fun way to learn more about sustainability and save trees. The game tests your knowledge about recycling and Tetra Pak’s impact on the environment. There were five questions on the interactive quiz. It had two levels. The objective was to grow more trees. Each time a player answered correctly to a question, a tree would be added to the forest.

Vital Farms Smart Packaging Solutions takes you directly to their farms. Consumers want to know the origin of their food. Vital Farms’ owner, Diez Canseco, believes transparency is essential in their process. This program, a first in the industry, provides customers 360-degree views of their farms. Brand managers and brand owners succumb to shiny object syndrome across many CPG categories. They put a giant QR code on the package’s front.

Want to learn who should and shouldn’t invest in innovative packaging and how to leverage intelligent packaging best to increase brand experience and purchase intent? This article will help to understand these packaging technologies better and provide insights and strategies to help brands achieve an immediate and long-term ROI.

Innovative packaging can connect your product packaging and a digital experience. Innovative packages use related technologies, giving consumers a more detailed look at the product than traditional packaging space. The packaging industry has expanded the definition of smart packing to include active or intelligent packaging.

Sending them to a coupon page, downloadable file, or social media channel are just a few ways brands can link their packaging. We recommend sending consumers to a trackable landing page regardless of smart packaging objectives. This will eliminate many marketing and reporting benefits of innovative packaging. Every inch of your package is essential. Packaging design can move the consumer from product awareness towards product interest. A scannable code is an option, but there are trade-offs. This may result in a higher-converting purchase driver.


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